Aston Martin Exclusive Collection

When two British icons combine, the result is the new Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition - the ultimate luxury pram and pushchair collection.

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two british icons one unique collaboration

Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition

A Modern Classic

Silver Cross and Aston Martin have always represented more than a badge. Design, engineering, craftsmanship and luxury are all crucial components of the experience.

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AM Reflex

Ultimate Luxury Stroller

Beautiful to look at, beautiful to own and beautiful to push, it offers the ultimate in stroller luxury and continues a world exclusive collaboration uniting iconic British brands Silver Cross and Aston Martin.

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Exquisitely Handmade

The new Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition brings together everything we know in one exceptional pram system. It has been created by leading designers, and hand-made by expert craftsmen and women.

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Cutting edge technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

Air-ride suspension, touch perfect handling and an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy structure combine to offer you complete balance, unbeatable safety and an unmistakable design.

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Sumptuous Style

Ideals of luxury and authentic craftsmanship extend to every detail, with a choice of sumptuous interior materials to create the most luxurious environment we have ever produced.

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AM Reflex
MOB AM Reflex

Super-luxe Fabrics

The super-luxe woven fabrics combine style with performance, and are complemented by the softest hand-stitched black leather handles and bumper bar.

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Ultimate Comfort for baby

Included in the package is our beautiful sheepskin liner. Made by the world’s finest tannery craftsmen it's made of the softest premium sheepskin from Buckfastleigh in Devon, England.

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AM Reflex
MOB AM Reflex

Exclusive Luxury Detailing

Finely etched logos, polished chrome detailing and exquisite Aston Martin badges perfect the finished design, adding a final stamp of luxury to this exquisite stroller.

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Designed with Luxury in mind

Also included is our exclusive 100% cashmere baby blanket; woven with traditional Jacquard looms to produce the softest, lightest and most luxurious cashmere available.

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