06 July 2017

Milestone year for Silver Cross

Celebrating 140 Wonderful Years

Silver Cross is proud to be celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, marking a contribution to the nursery industry spanning three centuries.  

Our story began in 1877 when our founder, a young entrepreneur by the name of William Wilson, wheeled out the world’s first baby carriage from his workshop in Leeds.

William developed an innovative spring system – the now-famous bouncing Silver Cross suspension – combining this with a reversible hood to create the first-ever modern pram. It introduced a unique idea that would change parenting forever – and the iconic Silver Cross brand was born. 

Fast-forward 140 years and we still value the principles that William held dear: uncompromising quality, painstaking craftsmanship and innovative design. 

Throughout our lifetime, these principles have consistently kept us at the forefront of the nursery market with outstanding innovation and style. 

Still proudly based in Yorkshire, the Silver Cross name is now recognised worldwide for producing high quality, beautiful products that meet the demands of modern family life.  

Generations of parents have given their children the best start in life with prams, pushchairs, nursery furniture and bedding bearing the trusted Silver Cross name. 

Our design team is committed to meeting the needs of modern parents and our latest collections are fresh and contemporary, featuring state-of-the-art technology, luxurious materials and seamless attention to detail.  
Silver Cross Balmoral coach pramSilver Cross Wave pram

From the beautiful Heritage collection, including the iconic Balmoral coach pram, to the brand new Wave that is future-proofed for a second baby, the Silver Cross range is inspired, ingenious and beautifully crafted. 

We’re honoured to say that since 1877, more than 10 million parents have trusted Silver Cross to give their baby the best start in life. 

Nick Paxton, Silver Cross CEO says: “We have a saying here at Silver Cross: There is no secret to making the world's finest prams. Just take 140 years of experience and add the finest materials; the rest is easy.

"I am proud to be part of a company which prides itself on providing children with the best start in life. This commitment to beautifully functional and aspirational nursery products put Silver Cross on the map as a great British brand, and long may it continue.”