26 June 2015

Baby Comfort Zone

Cosy comfort from Silver Cross

Our contemporary prams and pushchairs are at the very forefront of innovative design and technology, packed with smart features. 

They’re also renowned for providing the most comfortable and smooth ride for your baby, thanks to great suspension, the softest and cosiest surroundings and multi-recline seat units with lots of room.  

Babies just love the luxurious and cosy carrycots which come with the Silver Cross Surf 2, Pioneer and Wayfarer pram systems. Suitable for overnight sleeping, they’re deeply padded and have a soft 100% natural bamboo lining that not only wicks away moisture, but helps keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter.

When it comes to using your pram in pushchair mode, your little one will be equally happy in the comfy seat. These can be used forward or rearward facing and have a multi-position recline, including lie-flat - which is perfect for nap-time!  

Our Reflex and Pop pushchairs have also been designed with comfort in mind. The extra roomy seat on the Reflex even has a unique ergonomic backrest to keep your little one cradled in comfort. The new Pop, meanwhile, has a lie-flat seat unit that’s not only roomier, but also has a taller back.  

But don’t just take our word for it - here’s what mums have said about our prams and pushchairs recently: 

Edward looked very comfortable in the carrycot and fell asleep instantly. The next benefit the Surf provided for me was that the carrycot was suitable for overnight sleeping. A huge advantage whilst on holiday. Again, the Surf didn’t let us down. Edward slept soundly. Victoria Mantle, Surf 2.

As far as comfort for my baby, my daughter seemed to love it! She would fall asleep very quickly and stay asleep when we stopped. She would get a good hour asleep in the garden when we got back from our walks. The seat is spacious and she didn’t slip down and slouch like she does in other pushchairs. Maria Cowley, Wayfarer.  

Baby A always looks incredibly comfy in the pram. The mattress and inner is made from a bamboo material which is incredibly soft and keeps Baby A cool on warmer days. Not only is the mattress and inside really soft and comfortable, the carrycot is big enough for her to stretch out and there is a lot of growing room in there for her. If we were going away I would definitely be happy with Baby A sleeping in it. Tami Anderson, Pioneer

A lovely deep carrycot, with the most luxurious and deep padding I’ve come across on any buggy I’ve seen, including the sides. A nice long length and generous width mean that it should see baby for longer than the average carrycot would. The seat has three recline positions, upright, semi and flat which makes it perfect for napping on the go! Both my newborn and my toddler are happy and comfortable. Belle Du Brighton, Pioneer

Our sleepy little boy looked cosy in the fully-reclined seat with the hood extended. The ride must be comfy too, because he didn’t wake up again until we were nearly back at the house. Nicola Scoon, Reflex

The Surf 2 is very smooth and glides up curbs like a springy marshmallow. It’s super bouncy with air-sprung suspension and foam filled tyres .Taylor seemed very comfortable in both the carrycot and seat unit. Lee Lee Loves, Surf 2