Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke
01 July 2015

Exclusive Luxury

The new Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke

by Silver Cross

Bespoke Luxury from Silver Cross

Balmoral Bespoke, our most exclusive and opulent baby coach yet, definitely has the wow-factor! 

Unveiled exclusively in Harrods today, only 50 of these signature prams will be created, offering the opportunity to own something truly special. 

Hand-made in England, each Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is individually customised, making it totally unique and the ultimate in exclusive baby luxury. 

Stand-out features include the stunning chrome body, which is polished by hand to a high shine. The luxurious hood and apron is made from the softest and finest English leather and hand-stitched for the perfect finish. 

The magnificent C-Spring chassis has a metallic paintwork finish and provides the incredible bouncing glide for which Silver Cross is famous.  

The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke display which has been unveiled in Harrods, London, today. 

To create your perfect Balmoral Bespoke, choose one of five colours for the hood and apron - Red, White, Black, Navy or Pink – then select any one of the same colours for the chassis. Complete the customisation with the solid wood handle, available in a white or walnut finish. 

Each pram is also personalised, with two individually engraved plaques - one featuring your child’s name and the second showing the pram’s limited edition number.  

Finally, every Balmoral Bespoke comes with an exclusive hand-signed certificate featuring your child’s name, the pram’s individual number and date of manufacture. 

The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is available exclusively in Harrods.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke display in Harrods.