05 May 2017

A Star Stroller!

A review of the Pop Star

by Kimberly Allan

'A Fantastic Lightweight Stroller'

Kimberly from Media Mummy blog reviews the Silver Cross Pop Star stroller.

Remember when you first went shopping for a buggy? Not a stroller, no no no. THE buggy for your as yet unborn little person. It's a big deal. No doubt your Mum wanted to get involved. Your other half definitely did, walking around them, sizing them up, kicking the wheels, as if this was going to be your next family car.

I think it's the first real moment you are forced to accept that your bump isn't just a few too many pies and a far off adventure, it's a real human that's arriving soon and will need transporting about. It's probably the first solid piece of kit you've bought, definitely one of the biggest investments (unlike these things you don't need). And it's exciting - a proper grown up moment you can enjoy with your partner where you compare wheel sizes, collapsibility (is that a word? It is now) and make fun 'oooh stripes or butterflies' kind of choices.

Fast forward to two years on when you're lugging more and more kit, travelling more and really need the boot space. The BIG buggy needs to make space for the stroller. Something smaller, lighter and easier for the grandparents to use.

The Silver Cross Pop Star is a fantastic, lightweight stroller with heavyweight aspirations. A slightly more premium model than the 'Pop', the Pop Star is very comfortable and comes with a padded bar across the middle for baby to hold onto. The bar makes it feel a bit sturdier than the average stroller, and folds in when you're collapsing it without any hassle.

The footrest also moves up and down, so while your baby is small, like my 11 month old Little Pop, their legs can sit straight out in front of them.

It reclines completely so you can use it from birth to toddler (max weight 25kg), and I really like how upright it can go compared to our big buggy, where both of the children would work their baby abs to try and sit up even straighter.

One of the best features in my opinion is the hood which unzips to pull over so far down that baby is less likely to be disturbed, and acts as a sunshade. There's a little clear panel to peek through and check whether they've got the sleep Memo too. And my Little Pop doesn't often get it.

Space-wise for us it's borderline life changing (a phrase not wheeled out often, but my husband did use when we bought our cordless Dyson). It fits easily behind the door in our makeshift hallway/playroom, and in my tiny T reg Ford Focus boot I can now fit shopping bags, even when the stroller is in there too. I know! Fancy that. A boot for more than just the baby's wheels!

To collapse, it folds forwards in two simple steps and once the catch clicks, you can pick it up with a carry handle to take it out of the house or plonk it in the boot. It's so light - at 7.2kg, you'll find it hard to lift your old buggy again.

The only annoying element I find are the fiddly straps - each side has a top and bottom strap that need to fit together before you can click them in. They come apart all the time causing dramas when Little P is expressing her disgust at being restrained.
All in all, we have loved the switch from buggy to Silver Cross stroller. Big buggies have their place, and I was quite sad to let ours go actually - but I'm not sad to have reclaimed my boot space.