17 January 2018

Wave - Finely Crafted Luxury

Intelligent, Innovative and Beautifully Designed

We talk to Silver Cross fabric designer Helen Smith, who reveals the design inspiration behind Wave, our single to double pram.

Explain the background to the Wave design

We had to create an intelligent travel system that felt both modern in terms of aesthetic and crafted in detail. The product had to satisfy a ‘from birth’ travel solution and grow with parents and family into a multi-functional tandem mode of transport. We were expected to build on the knowledge we have from producing award-winning pushchairs and combine the best attributes into a product that would be positioned at the top of the Silver Cross product range.

What was the inspiration behind the Wave colour palette?

Our 140-year heritage is something we value. The wealth of historical knowledge created a great starting point for designing fabrics and trims. I wanted to look at traditional weaving techniques, but give the treatment a more crafted feel. The overall effect must feel sympathetic with the contemporary elegance of the chassis.

Describe the inspiration behind each of the Wave colours


Artistic in temperament, with warm hues of sable plus a hint of ochre and deep tan trim. The silver chassis teams up so well with this palette.


Rustic deep grey granite tones, ‘the rock beneath our feet’, are teamed with a deeper platinum grey chassis, tan handle and bumper bar. Granite is inspired by the bedrock of the country, beautiful interior finishes and hand-made ceramics.

Midnight Blue

Local dramatic moorlands and skyscapes gave inspiration to this colourway. Bygone years of travelling in leather shoes and woollens across heathlands for work provided inspiration for the midnight colours and dark cocoa trim.

Silver Cross prams are renowned for their premium materials. Describe the inspiration for the Wave fabrics

Reflection of traditional weaving methods and textures gave rise to the marl finish. The woven fabrics have a crafted feel giving life to each palette, with lightweight linings in complimentary melange tones. Soft touch jersey marls are used for the seat liners and peaks - both touch points which give stronger user appeal.

Close attention to detail is key to the Silver Cross design process. Explain some of the special touches on Wave

We wanted the trims to feel hand crafted, taking inspiration from our predecessors and the industrial age. Leatherette straps and hand stitched handles and bumper bar elevate the position of Wave, while antique metal finishes give the product an artisan sign off.

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