Sleeping Like a Baby

Introducing the new range of PostureStart cot mattresses.

Sleep – or lack of it - is one of the most talked-about topics among new parents. But the more sleep baby gets, the more you get – which is why Silver Cross has launched a range of revolutionary cot mattresses. 
Ensuring your baby sleeps well is a top priority for mums and dads – especially when you think newborns require around 17 hours of sleep a day for essential brain and physical development. Good sleep also plays a crucial role in their happiness, behaviour, memory and learning.
 It’s well-known that a quality mattress is key, but up to now the options for babies have been limited. That’s all about to change.  Introducing our revolutionary PostureStart range - the first-ever mattress for babies and toddlers designed with their safety and postural comfort in mind.

Comfortable Luxury

Key to the design is the innovative BabySpring technology. For years adults have had the benefit of sleeping on quality pocket sprung mattresses, but the springs used have been too big for babies.

Now, the specialist development team has developed the smallest pocket springs in the world. Designed especially for babies, they’re unique to the Silver Cross PostureStart range.

It’s a fact that more springs mean more comfort and support and our PostureStart range has more than four times as many springs as the nearest equivalent.

Silver Cross  Silver Cross BabySprings technology

Care and Protect

Silver Cross PostureStart baby mattresses Silver Cross
The benefits don’t stop there, as our cot mattresses offer the ultimate in postural support, breathability and hygiene for babies and young children. The Care & Protect mattresses are the only ones to contain Sleep Angel filter technology, certified by the world’s leading microbiological and allergen testing laboratory and are proven to block 100% of bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens from inhabiting the mattress – the only cot mattress in the world to do so.

They also accommodate your child as they grow. From 0-18 months your little one will sleep on the firmer side, but as they become heavier the mattress can be turned over to the more responsive surface which is suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

Flexible support means your baby is less likely to experience disturbed sleep; good news for baby and you.

Which Will You Choose?

Posture Start Baby Mattress
The single layer of 860 BabySpring pocket springs provides flexible, targeted support and will actively respond to your child’s changing shape. The mattress is twin-skinned with a waterproof inner and washable outer cover that promotes airflow and breathability.

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Silver Cross
PostureStart Care & Protect Baby Mattress
With a double layer of 1720 miniature pocket springs for superior comfort and outstanding postural support, this mattress benefits from SleepAngel filter technology which is scientifically proven to block 100% of allergens, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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PostureStart Care & Protect Plus Baby Mattress
The very best mattress you can buy for your baby, it incorporates SleepAngel filter technology and has a triple spring layer (2580 BabySprings) to contour the outline of your baby’s shape perfectly. As your baby grows, the springs provide unrivalled comfort and postural support until they’re ready to graduate to their first bed.

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