Order Nursery Furniture Samples

Before you buy your new nursery furniture, you may want to see and feel the quality of the wood finishes. Simply click on the links below and email us your address. We'll send your furniture samples along directly.

 Camberwell Cotbed by Silver Cross  

Order the Camberwell sample

Camberwell’s modern, contemporary design and textured oak grain finish provides a calming nursery environment inspired by nature

 Coastline nursery furniture by silver cross  

Order the Coastline sample

Following the trend for modern, contemporary design, Coastline’s textured washed oak finish provides a relaxed and calming vibe, inspired by the seaside.


Nostalgia Ivory Cot Bed  

Order the Nostalgia Ivory sample

Inspired by heritage nursery furniture, the Nostalgia collection is handcrafted from beautiful wood and finished in ivory.

Notting hill cot

Order the Notting Hill sample

The chunky, bold styling of the Notting Hill collection perfectly complements the brilliant white, high gloss finish.