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Can I paint whilst pregnant?

Is decorating whilst pregnant safe? Mark Gardner at Little Knights offers his advice

Author Mark Gardner
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Mamas-to-be may find themselves putting the finishing touches to the nursery right up to the last minute – especially if the nesting instinct kicks in. But is it a good idea to paint whilst pregnant? And should you put a newborn in a freshly decorated room?

Mark Gardner, founder of Little Knights - pioneers in the field of VOC-free paint – offers his advice.

Avoid using solvent-based paints that contain harsh chemicals.

What precautions should I take?

According to the NHS, it’s “highly unlikely” the fumes of water-based paint could affect an unborn child, unless you’re a professional painter and decorator with frequent and prolonged exposure. As a precaution, avoid preparation work such as sanding old paint which may possibly contain lead particles. You should also avoid using solvent-based paints and only use those that are water-based.

Other precautions include making sure the room is well ventilated, wearing a face mask and washing your hands regularly. If you want to play it safe, avoid painting during the first trimester (the first 0 to 12 weeks), as this is the time when your baby’s vital organs are developing.

Can a newborn stay in freshly painted room?

Although the risk for mums-to-be may be low, putting your new baby into a freshly painted room may be problematic. Commercial paints often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can cause irritation to eyes and skin, as well as headaches in a newborn. Research indicates inhaling these chemicals may be linked to a low birth weight in newborns. Even choosing a paint marked ‘low VOC’ may not be completely safe, as the compounds added instead of VOC to help stabilise the paint can cause asthma and allergies.

Little Knights paint is 100% VOC-free, creating a safer environment for the whole family.

What’s the answer?

Look for a paint which contains zero VOC, rather than low VOC, and is free from carcinogens and petrochemicals. Little Knights paint fits all these categories. Not only can a freshly-painted room be occupied straight after using our paint – parents can even apply it with their baby in the room in total safety.

It is completely safe for pregnant mums and children of any age from birth onwards as well as pets and vulnerable adults.

So that’s one thing less to worry about.

Author Mark Gardner

Little Knights Paint is a family-run business, owned and run by Mark Gardner, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of bespoke coatings. He felt no household paint was truly as safe as it could be, so designed Little Knights to be 100% VOC-free, antibacterial and environmentally friendly. Working closely with wife Jackie, and sons Mark Jnr and Nathanial, they personally oversee every detail, from mixing and packing orders through to answering calls and emails. Committed to a sustainable future, Mark purchased 14 acres of beautiful countryside and woodland in 2018 which might otherwise have been used for development. Mark’s commitment is to ensure this land remains a beautiful nature reserve.

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