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A new take on nappies

How Aless Baylis, founder of Pim Pam reusable nappies, is helping parents live a greener life

Author Aless Baylis
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Every day we throw away eight million single-use nappies in the UK, with all of them ending up in our landfills. Aless Baylis, founder and Pim Pam, is helping put a stop to this with her range of reusable nappy products. Designed and illustrated by Aless, Pim Pam products are available in an array of beautiful designs that look good – and do good.


Tell us about Pim Pam.

Pim Pam is a reusable nappy brand based in Brighton. We sell a range of printed and plain-coloured nappies and a selection of other reusable baby products. Our prints are designed by myself, and we also have a few collaboration prints created by designers and brands that we love! Pim Pam aims to make using cloth nappies simple and put a smile on your face with our cute prints.

What inspired you to create the brand?

I’ve been an illustrator for over 15 years, working in various print studios and travelling the world with some amazing brands. I then worked in-house for stationery brand Paperchase as a designer.

During my maternity leave in 2017, after becoming a first-time mum to my daughter, I realised I wanted a change in my career once it was time to start working again. I always knew I wanted to start my own brand with my own illustrations displayed on a product, but I never knew what that product would be.

At the time, we had started thinking about using reusable nappies on our daughter Lola, but when we looked at what was out there, we couldn’t find anything that was our style. Then it clicked – I started researching about the manufacturing side and never looked back! It felt right combining my work with a sustainable product.

Palm Springs Pocket Nappy.

Tell us about your range, what products do you make?

We mainly focus on reusable pocket nappies, but we have a few other reusable accessories too. Our range of wet bags are used for storing used nappies either when you’re out and about or at home. These are fully waterproof too, so you can carry your swimming gear without any leaks!

Over the summer we launched a range of reusable swim nappies this summer which are a great replacement for disposable swim nappies.

Alongside these products we also sell reusable baby wipes and a range of travel changing mats which are OEKO-TEX certified and machine washable.

What effect do ordinary nappies have on the environment, and how is Pim Pam helping to drive change?

The UK alone is responsible for around 3 billion disposable nappies going to landfill each year with one disposable nappy taking between 450-550 years to degrade.

Using one Pim Pam nappy a day will have a huge impact on the environment. So just think of the effect of using 4-5 Pim Pam nappies a day.

What positive effect do Pim Pam nappies have?

As well as the amount of disposable nappies ending up in landfill, the process of making them is damaging to the environment. Around seven million trees are cut down in the UK every year just to make the pulp for single use nappies. It also takes a cup of crude oil to make just one single use nappy.

Using Pim Pam nappies have a huge impact on the environment by not only reducing the number of disposable nappies going to landfill, but also reducing the number of disposable nappies being made.

Is there any advice you can offer parents on how to be more environmentally friendly?

We always say to our customers that it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. A few changes to reducing your plastic waste is a step in the right direction.

Even if you’re on the fence about using reusable nappies but still want to make a change, then a great place to start is switching to using reusable baby wipes or reusable swim nappies.

Making these small changes will have a huge impact.

Author Aless Baylis

Aless Baylis is the founder of reusable nappy and accessory brand, Pim Pam – the cutest nappies in town! With a background in illustration and a passion for creating a more sustainable future, she designs Pim Pam products in an array of beautiful prints and colourways that have no damaging effect on the environment.

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