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Reduce, reuse, recycle, donate

Nick Fawell, Silver Cross After-Sales Manager, shares our sustainability journey

Author Nick Fawell
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The Silver Cross sustainability story began decades ago. Lots of people have a Silver Cross story to tell, with our prams being passed down through generations and reused for years to come.

Today, we’re making a conscious effort to become even more sustainable through our products, packaging and recycling processes. Nick Fawell, After-Sales Manager at the Silver Cross Service Centre, explains how we’re maintaining a smaller environmental impact.


Our packaging is recyclable, so if you’re struggling for space to store it you can recycle with your other cardboards and plastics. We’re proud to have zero percent wastage here at the Service Centre, with nothing ending up in landfill. In July alone, we recycled 3.2 tonnes of cardboard and 1.86 tonnes of assorted plastics and various metals.


Because longevity and quality are at the heart of all Silver Cross products, there’s a long-standing tradition of families passing on their prams to the next generation. This is one of the best ways to ensure a product is loved, looked after and doesn’t end up in landfill. Our service and valet scheme, which you can book through our website, prolongs the life of your Silver Cross pram or pushchair so it can be reused or passed on. Our expert team will meticulously clean, conduct safety checks and carry out any minor repairs to bring your pram back to its very best.



For safety reasons, car seats cannot be passed on for second-hand use, so we’ve launched a car seat recycling service to ensure they don’t end up in landfill at the end of their life span. In addition, we’ve just launched the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 which has a much longer life span than other car sears on the market, growing with your child from newborn to 12 years old.

At our recycling plant, the team use specialist lasers to separate the recyclable materials, which are then used in the production of other products and packaging across a wide variety of industries.


Our partner charity Baby Basics is the UK’s largest network of baby banks, with over 50 centres nationwide supporting families in need. It provides much-needed essentials and equipment to families who are otherwise unable to provide these items for themselves.

Through our donation programme, we’ll collect your unneeded Silver Cross pram or stroller from you free of charge, give it a full road-test and valet and then donate it directly to Baby Basics. This is a great scheme to get involved with to help others who are struggling and give them the opportunity to love your pram as much as you did.

To donate your pram, visit our website here.

Author Nick Fawell

Having previously worked within the printing industry, covering global logistics, Nick joined Silver Cross in April 2018 as Spare Parts Controller, looking after the national and international requirements. In August 2019 he progressed to his current role, After-Sales Manager, overseeing and incorporating our global parts operation, UK Service Centre and any additional after sales support our customers and partners may need. Since 2019 furniture ranges have been integrated into his department, as well as launching the new valeting, charity donation and car seat recycling schemes.

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