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Planning your baby shower

Event stylist Laura Kitto shares her step by step baby shower guide

Author Laura Kitto
Categories   Third Trimester

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With a baby on the way, you may have been given the honour of organising a baby shower for the mum-to-be. At first, it may seem like a stressful and daunting task, but with my six easy steps you’ll be able to create a beautiful baby shower for a mum-to-be and all her guests and, hopefully, it will feel a lot less overwhelming!

1. Choosing the best day and time

Firstly, get that WhatsApp group created, add your mum-to-be’s friends and family into the chat and start pinging over dates! We all know how hard it is to get the girl gang together, so get that date in everyone’s diary super early. I would always recommend a Saturday or a Sunday for a baby shower, as most guests will be off work and you’ll have helping hands on the day. Around midday is usually a perfect time for the baby shower to begin, and you could incorporate lunch into the day to make it extra special.

Once you’ve arranged a date and time that suits the majority of your guests, it’s time to figure out a plan to ensure the mum-to-be will also be free. The last thing you want is for the guest of honour to be double-booked! Some mums-to-be prefer a surprise baby shower and others like to know the date, mainly so they can get pampered beforehand. After all, there’ll be photos galore and they will want to feel their best.

Baby showers are typically held one to two months before the baby’s due date so the mum-to-be is still comfortable enough to enjoy the party - and also in case the baby makes an early appearance!

2. Choosing a venue

Location is an important factor to consider. Before choosing your venue, think about travel, as preferably you want somewhere that’s nearby and easy for all of your guests to get to – especially if the baby shower is a surprise.

A function room, restaurant or cafe are great options for baby showers as they offer a large neutral space with staff to help you on the day. Most venues also offer catering so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Always check with your venue as to whether they have restrictions for décor as some venues don’t allow external items to be brought in. Also, consider booking the venue for additional time to allow for decorating before the baby shower starts. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about this, but it’s an important factor to consider as it will make your day less stressful – you can relax, take your time and see your vision come to life!

Home – If you have a smaller budget, this is one way to cut back on costs. In the comfort of the mum-to-be or family/friend’s home there are no restrictions, it’s more intimate and you have the freedom to do whatever you like. The only downside is that the host will be responsible for cleaning up, but many hands make light work.

Outdoor space – This will very much depend on the season. Summer baby showers are gorgeous outside in the sunshine – luxe picnics, golden hour, mocktails, you get the vibe! However, we all know what the British weather is like so make sure you have a backup plan and always check if you need permission to use public spaces.

3. Inviting guests

Social media makes inviting so easy for us now as it’s free, simple and you’ll get responses much quicker. There’s nothing worse than having to chase for RSVPs! However, if you do have extra budget to spend on invitations, they’re a lovely touch and can double up as keepsakes. Consider designing the invitations in the baby shower theme to set the precedent from the start. Etsy is a great place to browse as they have so many small businesses selling beautiful invitations.

4. Picking a theme

In my opinion, choosing a theme is so important. Think about what theme the mum-to-be would love, whether that’s based on her favourite colours or the gender of the baby, a theme makes it personal and extra special. Create a mood board of your ideas. Pinterest is a great place to start as having visuals to refer to will make the planning process so much easier.

Here are some of the baby shower themes I love –

- Safari
- Botanical
- Boho/neutrals
- Pastels

5. Decor

My speciality! There are so many gorgeous ideas when it comes to decor. Some like to decorate themselves, others like to hire an event stylist like myself to style the baby shower for them.

Think about your theme/colours and create a photo opportunity. This could include a flower wall, balloon backdrop or an ‘Oh Baby’ neon sign – everyone loves a selfie! Consider table decor, add flowers, pops of colour and place settings. Incorporate little details to make the day extra special such as a personalised welcome sign, favours and personalised water bottles. I’ve always found the smallest touches mean the most.

6. Games/favours

Games are a fun way of bringing everyone together at a baby shower. ‘Who knows mummy best?’, ‘Baby predictions’ – there’s so many games to choose from! Games make for a lovely keepsake for the mum-to-be to see who gave the most accurate predictions once the baby is born.

Favours are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending. They don’t have to be expensive, as handmade favours are beautiful and enjoyable to create – you could even make them themed. Get the girls over and make an evening of it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and good luck with planning your beautiful baby showers. Remember, the memories you are creating will last a lifetime and what’s more special than that!

Author Laura Kitto

Laura Kitto is the owner and creator of event styling company, Every Last Detail. With her background in the wedding industry and her passion for design, Laura uses her knowledge and love for styling to create amazing displays and sets for a variety of events.

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