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Your family holiday checklist

Everything you need for a stress-free adventure

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A family holiday is an exciting one, especially with younger children in tow, but how many times have you worried over forgetting to pack something important?

To take the stress away, we’ve pulled together the ultimate family holiday checklist, so you can tick off the essentials as you go.

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Passport – It might seem obvious, but don't forget that babies need passports too!

Nappies – Make sure to pack plenty of nappies in your hand luggage too in case of any delays in your journey.

Pushchair – A travel stroller that’s lightweight and compact can be wheeled right up to the plane - perfect for napping babies and toddlers.

Sling – Even with a pushchair, it’s still worth taking a sling when you need to keep your hands free.

Car seat – Make sure to check the laws of the country you are travelling to around transporting children. Most airlines will also allow additional items for your child to be stored in the hold for free.

Travel cot – Travel cots can sometimes be requested and added to your room when booking a holiday, but if you’d prefer to take your own, be sure to check your travel cot into the hold.


Sun hat – Keep your little one’s sensitive skin protected from the sunshine with a UPF50+ sun hat that can fasten around their chin to keep it in place.

Toys and books – Packing a few lightweight toys and books will keep them calm and comforted on flights and days out, and hopefully give you some time to unwind too!

Cool clothes – If you’re heading to a warmer climate, pack lightweight, cotton or linen clothes to keep them cool throughout the hotter days and evenings.

Spare clothes – Make sure to pack a couple of outfits per day for accidents and messy holiday activities.

Bigger clothes – It’s amazing how much your little one grows whilst they are very young. Take a few items that are the next size up in case of any growth spurts whilst you’re away.

Swim nappies – Essential if your child is going to be splashing around in the shallows of the pool or sea.

High factor sun cream – Buy the highest factor sun cream that’s especially designed for sensitive baby skin to ensure your child is always protected.

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Baby food – Pack all the usual baby food and formulas you need to feed your baby in case you are unable to shop for what you need in the resort. Don’t forget the usual hand luggage restrictions don’t apply to baby food and milk.

Baby cutlery – Make eating out easier by packing reusable baby cutlery in your bag.

Reusable bibs – Silicone and reusable bibs are great for eating out whilst you’re away to save on any laundry costs.

Non-spill cup – Perfect for weaning babies with no fear of causing a mess!

Teething necklace – Great for keeping your little one calm and occupied to soothe aches and pains when they’re teething.

Breast pump – If you’re breastfeeding, taking a breast pump along on your travels is a lifesaver if you’re planning on being out and about a lot.


Baby wash and lotion – Pack some small bottles of whatever you use on your baby at bath time, but if you run out, you can always buy some more when you’re out there.

Universal bath plug – Super handy to turn a hotel sink into the perfect tub for your baby.

Pyjamas – Pack something breathable for your baby to sleep in that will keep them comfortable all night long.

Travel black-out blind – Well worth investing in if your room allows to stick to your baby’s normal bedtime routine whilst you’re away.

Nightlight – Perfect for settling your little one during feeds and changes.

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Everything else 

Nappy cream – Helps baby’s delicate skin adjust to the warmer weather and time spent playing in the pool.

Plastic bags – Packing a variety of sizes will come in handy for dirty nappies, wet clothes and wet wipes.

Hand sanitizer – For clean and fresh hands when you’re feeding and changing on the go.

Small play mat – If you’re planning to be on the move a lot, a play mat if perfect for popping your little one down on and can easily double up as a changing mat.

Muslins/lightweight blanket – For privacy whilst breastfeeding or for your little one to snuggle into, a lightweight blanket is essential.

First aid kit – A no-brainer to some but easily forgotten by others. Just take the essentials with you as there will be plenty of pharmacies in the main resorts.

Entertainment for you – Finally, don’t forget to pack some things for yourself too! Download plenty of films, take a pack of cards, books and magazines for when baby is napping or it’s time to switch off.

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