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Fern Phillips' Pregnancy Style

Influencer and mum-to-be shares her pregnancy fashion and skincare essentials

Author Fern Phillips
Categories   Fashion

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Fern Phillips is a Yorkshire-based fashion and lifestyle influencer, sharing weekly fashion and interiors inspiration with her online community.

Now expecting her first baby, we caught up with Fern on all things pregnancy – from her go-to fashion pieces to tips and tricks for styling a growing bump.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling ahead of baby’s arrival?

Thank you so much, I’m feeling really excited at the moment. I am currently 26 weeks and have reached my peak, I’m loving my bump, skin, hair, have lots of energy and just feeling so excited to meet her. In the early days of pregnancy, up to around 20 weeks, I just did not feel myself with bad sickness and extreme anxiety, worrying about if I’m going to cope, if I’m’ going to be a good mum and about giving birth. 

Then, after my 20-week scan, it’s like I turned a corner and all of my emotions turned into positives. I started feeling good in myself and mentally. It’s so nice when you start showing, so people can see you’re pregnant and haven’t just gained a bit of weight. I have heard that in the third trimester you can get set back again, but I’m taking each day as it comes.  

What have been your go-to fashion pieces whilst pregnant?

OK, so I have a few… First up is my Skims dress, it’s not maternity but it’s super stretchy and breathable without being see-through. I tend to wear it to events with a blazer and ballet flats or heels, so I am comfy all night.

Next up would be my Wear Commando maternity leggings, I have three pairs, one leather, two normal. I have lived in leggings and jumpers, and as the weather is starting to get warmer, I am replacing my jumpers with oversized shirts styled with my Samba trainers. It’s nice having a couple of maternity leggings as they give you a lot of stretch over the bump unlike normal leggings. However, I also have purchased Adanola sports leggings in two sizes bigger than my normal as I am still trying to be active, and the material is great for my changing shape.

Finally, my Ilouity maternity jeans. It is a brand based in Stockholm and the jeans are not only super comfortable, but available in lots of different styles so they look trendy – it isn’t your typical maternity jeans range! It means you’re not living in leggings throughout pregnancy and can feel a little more dressed up on different occasions. 

Are there any tips or tricks you can share on adapting your pre-pregnancy wardrobe to fit a growing bump?
I would say stretchy or floaty dresses. With spring and summer coming up it’s a chance to get out your summer wardrobe and style your bump with all your old summer dresses. I got all mine down from the loft the other day and didn’t realise how many dresses I had that will work with my growing my bump! Check your wardrobe before you buy.

What have been your pregnancy essentials? 

My go-to essentials are:

  • Vitabiotics Pregnacare vitamins and minerals tablets
  • Magnesium bath salts and lotion for my cramps in my calves
  • Indian tonic water also helps with cramps
  • Bio-Oil to help prevent stretch marks, I apply every night after my bath to my boobs, belly and thighs
  • Aveeno body cream every morning and night for dry skin patches
  • Strawberries! I make sure there is a punnet of strawberries in my fridge every day... oh, and fat-free cottage cheese!

One piece of styling advice that you swear by when pulling an outfit together?

I always buy neutrally coloured clothes in white, brown, beige, black tones as you can style them with everything. My mum always says, “How does everything you wear just go and look trendy? Brown leggings styled with brown socks and look so cool, when you’re not even trying?!”

It’s because my whole wardrobe consists of similar tones, so you can pretty much style everything together without really thinking. People might say it’s boring, but I’ve had most things in my wardrobe for years and can continue wearing them every year without going off them or trends changing.

What are your favourite brands on the high street?

This is easy… Zara (who doesn’t love Zara!), Arket, Cos, H&M, Massimo Dutti, Mango and Topshop.

As a lover of all things fashion, are there any upcoming trends that you think will be big this year?

I really like the leopard print trend at the moment and may have ordered a leopard bag because the brown tones are super easy to style and add interest to a simple outfit. 

Mesh ballet flats for spring/summer. I have a pair from Massimo Dutti and so far, I have worn them so much. Also, the pop of red trend! I have some red socks that I love styling with my loafers, or I wear a bit of red lippy by Charlotte Tilbury for a pop of colour.

Finally, I’ve noticed lots of powder blue tones on my Instagram feed and I have my eye on a blue shirt from Australian brand, Dissh, so hopefully it will come back in stock in soon. It’s a wardrobe staple! I won’t ever spend a fortune on a trend, as they change far too quick.

Author Fern Phillips

I’m Fern Phillips, a part-time fashion and lifestyle influencer – I would say it’s more of a hobby! I’ve just turned 30 and I'm expecting my first baby. My full-time job is running my own frozen yogurt dessert shop inside York Designer Outlet. I started my business when I was 18, so have been doing it for 12 years now! I love my job so much but fashion is my true passion. I always wish I had gone into something fashion based, hence why I started my Instagram to share my love for it.


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